‘Bunzuu’ is what I lovingly call my 6-month old bundle of Joy. And since he was the inspiration behind this venture, we named it BUNZUU.


When my Husband and I became first-time parents we naturally wanted to give the best to our Child.  I spent hours on the internet in my final months of pregnancy searching for various things that my child would need from Swaddles to Clothing to Pillows and beyond. While some of the things I found were lacking in quality, others had the same old mundane prints. How boring for a Child, right?


I continued my search offline with similar results. It was tiring me out and I realized many Mothers might have faced a similar plight. Thus, I decided to start BUNZUU.


BUNZUU aims to bring you high quality, curated baby products, handpicked and packaged by mothers. Our products are beautiful, and at the same time have a high utility and health value which will help keep Your Baby both Happy and Healthy.


Also, at Bunzuu we intend to create a community for Mothers who can come together with their valuable parenting experience and help create an enriching journey for new Parents and their Kids not only with our Products but valuable exchange of useful information and knowledge.


Bunzuu is by Mothers, for Mothers.


                                                                                               ~ Sarrah (First Mother @ Bunzuu)

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